Hey, my name is Jarkko and I mix and master rock and roll music. In other words, I take the raw tracks you recorded at a studio of your choice and turn knobs and push faders until your album sounds awesome and is ready to be released to the public. I love dirty fuzz, big drums, low bass and shining chrome on fast cars. However, I’m also experienced with clean guitars, subtle percussion, whispering organs and sun faded Kleinbuses, so don’t worry – I’m flexible! I can also re-amp your guitars using a bunch of cool vintage amps if required.

I work on a hybrid setup combining modern digital technology and strange old apparatuses, and I’m open to any ideas you have no matter how unconventional they might be. It’s your music, and your happiness with the way it sounds is my first priority. Just drop me an e-mail or call me anytime, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible – I’ll be happy to discuss your project, exchange ideas and get you a quote!

Some of the people I’ve worked with: Axe In The Well [FIN], Bordercase Studio [FIN], Brainworks Studios [NL], Broken Mirrors [FR], Burden [FIN], Cheverie [US], Coffincraft [FIN], Face the Fact [NL], Fungus [FIN], Hateskor [ES], Hunter’s Moon Records [UK], Interregnum [AT], Jyrki Mononen [FIN], King Moth [FIN] Left in the Wake [ES], Little Jack [FIN], Long Johns [FIN], M & O Music [FR], MaCe [FIN], Mammoth [FIN], Metal Factory Studios [ES], Noisehead Records [AT], Pearly Gates [FIN], Rodent Epoch [FIN], Romper Cock [FIN], Syli [FIN], Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster [UK], Wreathe [FIN]


Got an album, EP, demo or single and need it mixed? Let’s talk.

Jarkko Mattheiszen
E-mail: jarkko@tainted-studio.com
Phone: +358447067666
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