Last minute discount slot available!

Due to a very last minute cancellation, there’s a slot available for next week, starting from Monday the 16th. If you need mixing or mastering quickly, this slot will be given away for a ridiculous discount price. First come, first served. If you’re interested, get in touch via e-mail:


January 14th, 2012

Christmas special extended

We’re giving the Christmas special (posted below) a couple of extra days! All album mixing and mastering projects booked before the 1st of January will be available for a total price of 1400,00€!

December 28th, 2011

Christmas special!

As a special package deal, we are offering full length album mixing and mastering for a total of 1400,00€ for all projects booked before December 25th! For smaller projects such as EP mixing and mastering, ask for a deal!

December 4th, 2011

Status report

We’re currently finishing up the forthcoming Coffincraft EP, which was a joy to mix and master! Next up: mastering the new albums of Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster and Nocaïne. The rest of the month is pretty much booked solid, but we have free slots available from the 1st of January onwards!

December 4th, 2011

Website update

We’ve modified our website a bit for the sake of convenience. You can now send a request for a quote by clicking the ‘Get a quote!’ button on your right and filling out a simple form with the necessary information. You can also see our current schedule on the calendar above said button to check if we have suitable slots available for your project!

December 3rd, 2011