Mixing is the artistic and technical phase that takes place after the material has been recorded. In the mixing stage, all individual elements and instruments of the recorded music are put into their respective places and carefully crafted into a whole, working creation. Professional mixing is absolutely vital to any musical project – be it a simple guitar and singer performance, or a complex, symphonic metal epic. A great song with a lacking mix is easily recognized, while a great song with a great mix is bound to get the listener truly inside the music.

Tainted Studio provides a high quality, professional mixing service for your recorded tracks. We can accept traditional audio multitracks for mixing only, or if required, provide re-amping from DI signals or build the drums and synthesizers for your music from MIDI tracks. Virtually anything is possible – if you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask!

Mixing is charged by a daily rate of 175€ (including 23% VAT). The amount of time required varies greatly depending on the material, but as a general guideline, the mixing process takes around 7 to 11 days for a full length album. When asking for a quote, please provide some basic information about the project, such as the number of songs, whether re-amping is needed etc.

If you’re interested in using our mixing services, please read through the following PDF document describing the details about submitting the tracks, booking the session etc:
Guidelines for mixing sessions