Mastering is the final stage of production before the music goes into duplication and/or distribution. It consists of fixing possible errors and glitches that might have gone unnoticed in the mixing phase, balancing the overall sonic qualities of the music, getting the final loudness, sequencing the songs, embedding the required metadata in the final album, careful quality control and much, much more. Great mastering is the last step of making the album sound as good and professional as possible. If the process is overlooked, even the greatest mix can be ruined. That’s why we take pride in giving your musical project absolute and complete attention, making sure your album will be as great as it possibly can when it’s sent out for duplication and distribution.

We accept a wide variety of formats, and can provide the final master in either DDPi, physical CD or WAV/MP3 formats – or all of them if desired! Mastering is charged depending on the amount of material as follows (all prices include 23% VAT):

- Full length albums (6 to 12 songs or over 30 minutes): 300€
- EP’s (3 to 5 songs or 15-30 minutes): 210€
- Singles and demos (1 or 2 songs or 0-15 minutes): 130€
- As an option, stem mastering is also available for an extra fee of 25%

If you aren’t certain whether professional quality mastering is what your project needs, we will gladly offer a test master of one of your songs free of charge! If you’re interested in using our mastering services, please read through the following PDF document describing the details about submitting the tracks, booking the session etc:
Guidelines for mastering projects