Samples of our past projects:

Some selected artists and companies we have recently worked with:

Axe In The Well [FIN]
Bordercase Studio [FIN]
Brainworks Studios [NL]
Broken Mirrors [FR]
Burden [FIN]
Cheverie [US]
Coffincraft [FIN]
Face the Fact [NL]
Fungus [FIN]
Hateskor [ES]
Hunter’s Moon Records [UK]
Interregnum [AT]
Jyrki Mononen [FIN]
Left in the Wake [ES]
Little Jack [FIN]
Long Johns [FIN]
M & O Music [FR]
MaCe [FIN]
Mammoth [FIN]
Metal Factory Studios [ES]
Noisehead Records [AT]
Pearly Gates [FIN]
Rodent Epoch [FIN]
Romper Cock [FIN]
Syli [FIN]
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster [UK]
Wreathe [FIN]